INNOVIM Updates – April 2021

Exciting Updates from INNOVIM

The first quarter of 2021 has been quite busy and exciting for INNOVIM. We were recently awarded a data analytics surge support effort to provide data producer analysis and recommendation for efficient and automated mechanism to stream and/or periodically harvest available data and provide Ingest pipeline that supports functional, stability, and capacity testing. This opportunity will bring our advanced data analytics prototype and capabilities to our valued customer.

We are further thrilled to be a part of the team to be awarded the NOAA Evaluation Branch, Sterling Field Support Center Technical Support Services contract. This award builds upon our years of supporting the Radiosonde Frequency Migration Project, and we look forward to working with the incredible team at SFSC on their critical mission.

A year ago, almost to the day, the INNOVIM team packed up our desks to begin working from home as the world learned more about the COVID-19 pandemic. Not knowing how long we would be apart or what this crisis would mean for our company, our customers, and our nation, we pressed forward – committed as always – to providing the best standard of service to our customers as well as our staff. Over the past year, our team has shown its incredible resilience. Our staff on each contract has never faltered in their dedication to their missions, and our HQ team has adapted to remote operations seamlessly. Business development efforts that were once conducted in a conference room with notes and ideas scribbled on whiteboards are now done over Teams. This change may have threatened others, but the INNOVIM team never missed a beat, and has since experienced a year of tremendous accomplishment and growth.