InnoVisionsis a complete Machine Learning platform, customizable to address your unique data analytics needs.

INNOVIM Data Engineers have been developing innovative data management and analysis techniques for big data and complex data sets for more than twenty years. We have supported diverse architectures, services, and platforms. We recognize the challenges organizations face with their data environment. Migrating from small data sets with many data sources and platforms into an extensive, complex data set is not without potential problems. We have developed various system architectures to perform data analytics and AI architectures for our customers.  Selecting the right data management platform and the relevant tools are crucial decisions in performing analysis on voluminous and complex data.  Engineering the optimal system architecture requires in-depth knowledge about the capabilities of these platforms and tools.   We have meticulously tested various tools and integrated the best of them into one scalable platform.

InnoVisions can easily apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help you gain knowledge from your vast and diverse data. 

Why InnoVisions™?
  • Integration of the most advanced data management, data analytics, and AI tools
  • Cloud-based
  • Easy integration with customer’s data flow infrastructure
  • Modularity, enhanced functionalities, and scalability
  • Simple registration workflow and metrics
  • Easy diagnosis and remediation of connectivity problems
  • Fast and reliable
  • Secure end-to-end connectivity
  • Easy-to-use visualization and exploration tool for decision-makers

Benefits and Advantages

InnoVisionshas all the functionalities and flexibility to perform data analytics and machine learning tasks on any available data.  InnoVisions enables decision-makers to gain actionable insight and drive immense and measurable value to their organization.

InnoVisions uses the most advanced tools to ingest and extract diverse data sets and offers complex event processing for meaningful ingest events and responding to them quickly. Anomalies or other exciting patterns trigger an event in the system that can start additional processing or logic. We treat datasets generated from the data pipeline as products and apply a data product development lifecycle. Our approach will give data products a well-defined schema with versions and release cycles and documentation (including information about data retention and latency).  Our engineers develop customer applications as encapsulated artifacts regardless of the actual deployment mechanism. The advantage is that the customers’ developer can then clone the source code repository and run the application with minimal effort.

We will perform requirements capture and analysis with your stakeholders to create and maintain the data pipeline architectures that best fit your needs. We will incorporate your data and dataflow into the InnoVisions data pipeline architecture.  INNOVIM data scientists can identify and apply the best models for your data analytics and machine learning tasks.  Bottom-line impact: This will enable our team to build algorithms that will map raw data into a form that maximizes information.

There are several distinct, goal-dependent ways that we apply Machine Learning. For Supervised Learning, we will use Classification and Regression algorithms to extract useful information from complex observations. With Unsupervised Learning, we will remove the data’s key features to optimize the supervised learning and enhance product teams’ decisions. We use Reinforcement Learning to learn adaptive solutions that achieve the best result for our customers.  We will reach your project objectives regardless of the methods chosen.

Work With Us

Let INNOVIM engineers and data scientists manage your Big Data and analytics project, assisting you with intelligent data-driven, and insightful decision-making process. Regardless of the complexity of your project.  We manage your project and assist you throughout the project lifecycle to achieve your goals:

  • What are your AI/ML/data analytic goals? – We assist you with defining your project objectives and help you achieve them.
  • What actions are needed to achieve them? – We identify the actions/interventions that your project will inform. How quickly do you need to get the results?
  • What/where/how to access data? – What data do we have/need? How are they formatted? What are the interfaces? Who owns them? What can we augment from external sources? How big are the data to be processed? Is the rate of data transfer critical for this application?
  • What analysis, report, decision-making best serves your project? – What analysis needs to be done? Does it involve description, detection, prediction, or behavior change? Does the model building require several iterations or a single iteration? How will the analysis be done (analysis, ML, AI)? How is it validated?
  • What are your security/privacy constraints? – We will assist to identify and address security, safety, privacy, governance, and provenance of your data assets.
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