INNOVIM Takes on National Weather Service Weather Radio All Hazards and Space Management Support

INNOVIM has been awarded two new task orders on the NOAA National Weather Service (NWS) IDIQ OPSTECH vehicle. Under the first award, we will be supporting the NWS Weather Radio All Hazards program. On the second task, we will provide space management support to the Chief Financial Office/Chief Administration Office (CFO/CAO).

NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) is a 24×7 network, providing a single source for comprehensive weather and non-weather emergency information. INNOVIM will perform analyses of alternatives and technology trend evaluations leading to a technical roadmap for NWR development. In the near-term, we will evaluate options to replace the  Console Replacement System (CRS), which accepts weather emergency information and alerts and is currently facing replacement part obsolescence.

INNOVIM’s space management services will support the CFO/CAO Facilities, Deployment, and Acquisition (FEDA) Program Manager. We will perform space assessment studies, planning, and evaluation for the NWS Silver Spring, Maryland main campus followed by implementation support.

With these awards, INNOVIM now supports 24 OPSTECH tasks spanning disciplines from modeling and systems engineering to information technology and facilities support. We are proud to be National Weather Service’s trusted partner for comprehensive operational services.