INNOVIM Distributes 100 Trees for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, INNOVIM invited our employees, colleagues, partners, and customers to join us in planting a tree. Actually, one hundred trees.

distributing treesWhen an INNOVIM team hit the pavement on April 24 with boxes of Red Maple seedlings in search of a good home, they weren’t sure what to expect. Would they find homes for all those young trees in need? The answer, provided with a healthy dose of enthusiasm, was a resounding YES! Everyone – or at least everyone with access to a few feet of open ground – was interested in nurturing a new tree. Inside of an hour, our team was left with empty boxes and the memory of happy faces carting off the stick-like promises of a blooming future.

Here at INNOVIM, most of us are intimately involved with the environment in the course of our jobs, whether that means processing climate data, designing Earth observation instruments, or disseminating weather forecasts. Earth Day provided an opportunity for us to demonstrate our personal, not just our professional, commitment to the environment. INNOVIM is proud to be able to sponsor an activity that improves our air quality, beautifies our neighborhoods, and teaches our children how to nurture the plant life on which we depend.

distributing trees 3INNOVIM is now collecting photographs of these fledgling trees in their new homes. If you adopted a seedling, be sure to send us your photograph at We will post all the photographs on Flickr. On May 27, we will award a $50 giftcard to the owner of the best picture.

We are grateful to our employees, colleagues, partners, and customers for helping us make a difference this Earth Day. INNOVIM wishes you all many happy years in the shade of your trees.