INNOVIM Congratulates NOAA on Space Achievement Award

Earth observation specialist and National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration contractor INNOVIM LLC congratulates the U.S. agency on receiving the 2013 Space Achievement Award. The award is granted each year by the Space Foundation in recognition of significant contributions to advancing exploration, development, or use of space. NOAA received the award at the 29th Annual National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, CO.

“While most people recognize the value of weather predictions, many don’t realize how NOAA uses space assets to determine the severity and risks of approaching weather events,” said Space Foundation CEO Elliot Pulham in announcing the reward.The award specifically recognizes NOAA’s use of space-based systems “in making life-saving predictions and issuing early warnings of calamitous weather conditions.”

INNOVIM lauds this recognition of this highly critical element of space applications. INNOVIM has worked with NOAA on forecast data management almost since its inception and now plays a significant role in ensuring dissemination of those forecasts.