INNOVIM has been awarded another task in our ongoing NOAA Operations Technical Support Services (OPSTECH) contract. This time, INNOVIM is charged with rehabilitating the National Weather Service’s (NWS) Radiosonde Replacement System (RRS) under the Radiosonde Observing System Support (ROSS) task.

“This technology is crucial in providing feedback on changes in the atmosphere,” says INNOVIM Chief Scientist and Program Manager Richard Sikorski. “Once the technology is implemented, the data will benefit forecasters, climate change researchers, air pollution scientists, and a host of others.”

Radiosondes are small, expendable instrument packages suspended below a weather balloon. They measure profiles of pressure, temperature, and relative humidity. NWS launched the RRS program in 2004. INNOVIM’s team will improve effectiveness and efficiency of the program, specifically through automated radiosonde observing systems.

“The idea is that current radiosonde technology is unpredictable operationally, with about 80% lost or unusable after their two-hour flight is executed. Our job is to rethink and rebuild the system, engineering a technically and functionally-sustainable version to use for years to come,” says Sikorski.

INNOVIM will deliver technical support services for the overarching project management, systems engineering, and the planning and reporting associated with RRS. Additionally, we will support the Government project management team to enable development and implementation of a new system—from concept to completion.

“INNOVIM is pleased to continue providing long-term weather and climate services for NOAA, NWS, and the country,” says INNOVIM COO Cindi Brown. “The ROSS project falls in lock-step with our growing portfolio of these services in support of a weather-ready nation.”