INNOVIM Defense Services (IDS) Hires New President

INNOVIM today announced the addition of Arnold Kravitz as the new President of its subsidiary arm, INNOVIM Defense Services (IDS). His Department of Defense background and innovative approach to business leadership deepens the capabilities of IDS and builds on the firm’s efforts to bring in new opportunities for growth and expansion to raise IDS to the next level.

Arnold Kravitz
Arnold Kravitz

Mr. Kravitz brings over 31 years of experience, and a strong track record of success, in military/aerospace, photonics, energy, C5-ISR, concealed object imaging, hyperspectral gas/residue identification, and technology-driven startups. He has a passion for developing new products for emerging markets in the commercial, military, marine, and aerospace industries.

He was an early pioneer in the development of ubiquitous, secure, worldwide data gathering, processing, and analysis systems with a graphical search user interface; vehicle collision avoidance systems; and multi-spectral detection and track algorithms. Mr. Kravitz was nominated to the U.S. Air Force scientific advisory board in 2012.


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