INNOVIM’s vision of the future and our contribution to it is instrumental in guiding everything from our strategic direction to our approach to daily operation. Our vision differentiates us in a crowded marketplace, provides guidance as we make decisions about  new opportunities, and goes a long way to defining who we are.

We are the company that will make this vision a reality. We see a future filled with empowered people whose knowledge of the world around us informs the daily flow of our lives. This is a world whose citizens use the knowledge at their finger tips to craft a deeper understanding of their environment and each other.

Our mission will take us there. We are a company of scientists and technologists, and it is through science and technology innovation we aim to better our world.

mission and vision



Empowered people making smart decisions through global understanding



Forging planetary understanding through science and technology innovation




While our vision and mission give us direction, it is our system of values that guides us along the path. These values are deeply ingrained in our corporate culture and are central to every decision we make.

We Value…

…our long-time customers who join us in developing lasting relationships and the new customers we meet every day, eager to partner and find ways to help each other.

…employees with an entrepreneurial spirit, who exhibit ownership, initiative, and drive, who reach across boundaries to generate collaborative solutions and implement them.

…professional and technical excellence that demonstrates each employee’s passion for our work and eagerness to continue learning and growing in their fields of expertise.

…devotion to doing things the right way, producing quality products and services with integrity and professionalism.