Who We Are

Core Capabilities

INNOVIM specializes in Science Systems Engineering, using high technology to create innovative big data and mobile computing solutions. Our scientists are concentrated in Earth Observation and Climate data manipulation, influencing instrument design, ironing out analytical processing and collection parameters, and determining how to make the data available to scientists in a way that makes it most useful for modeling and research endeavors. We primarily supply customized applications to NASA and NOAA.

The INNOVIM Difference

INNOVIM places a premium on life cultivating initiatives: improving our environment, preserving life and property from severe weather, protecting native ecologies, and improving quality of life for humans and other species. Our workforce comprises experts in these fields, 30% of whom hold PhDs and all of whom are enthusiastic about our mission and engaged with our customers.

Our customers know that we can deliver passionate experts, end-to-end product development, and research-enabling science.


INNOVIM, LLC is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) specializing in science systems engineering and climate and weather modeling services. We create innovative data and environmental science solutions for NASA, NOAA, and FAA.



INNOVIM Defense Services provides systems engineering, software engineering and space systems engineering for our national defense.


A joint venture between INNOVIM and Trident Internet Systems, Inc., TRINNOVIM delivers small business socio-economic data solutions.

Our Leadership



  • Cindi Brown, President and Chief Operating Officer

    Cindi head round newCindi brings her 30+ years of experience with software development, satellite operations ground system support, proposal and program management  to her current role managing the entire depth and breadth of INNOVIM’s operations.

    Cindi has overall strategic and operational responsibility for INNOVIM.  Working with the executive management team, she provides experienced leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure INNOVIM has the effective operational controls and personnel in place to bring about new growth and ensure financial strength and operational efficiency.

    Prior to joining INNOVIM, Cindi worked at Integral Systems enabling civil and military satellite mission planning and operations and providing program management over large Air Force Programs. She also managed  the Landsat 7 Mission Operations Center as program manager for Computer Sciences Corporation .

    Cindi holds a BS in Computer Science and Statistics from George Washington University. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women.

  • Arnold Kravitz, President, INNOVIM Defense Services (IDS)

    Arnold Kravitz, President of INNOVIM Defense Services (IDS) brings a Department of Defense background and innovative approach to business development that deepens the capabilities of IDS and builds on the firm’s efforts to bring in new opportunities for growth and expansion.

    Mr. Kravitz has over 31 years of experience, and a strong track record of success in military/aerospace, photonics, energy, C5-ISR, concealed object imaging, hyperspectral gas / residue identification, and technology-driven startups and has a passion for developing new products for emerging markets in the commercial, military, marine, and aerospace industries.

    He was an early pioneer in the development of ubiquitous secure worldwide data gathering processing and analysis systems with a graphical search user interface; vehicle collision avoidance systems; and multi-spectral detection and track algorithms. Mr. Kravitz was nominated to the U.S. Air Force scientific advisory board in 2012.

  • William Harris, Vice President, Business Development

    William Harris brings many successful years of doing Business Development (BD) for other well-respected companies and brings a wealth of experience with him, having held positions as a Business Development Executive Director, Capture Manager, Six Sigma Champion & Master Expert (Black Belt), Program Manager, and Systems & Software Engineer.

    He has over 33 years of experience, including Vice President of Corporate Strategy for LJT & Associates.

    Mr. Harris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics/Computer Science from Missouri State University, a Masters degree in Business Administration (Engineering Management) from the University of Dallas, and is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Management from the University of Maryland.

  • Shahin Samadi, PhD, Chief Technology Officer

    Shahin head frame

    With his expertise in computer science and extensive experience in NASA systems engineering, architectural design, and program management, Shahin has always been more than an executive: he’s a technical leader.

    Before co-founding INNOVIM in 2003, Shahin was a NASA civil servant as Program Manager /Technical Director at Goddard Space Flight Center. He held senior technical leadership positions at CRM leader Merkle, internet media innovator Vodium, and at business information technologies provider BNA and  taught as an Adjunct Professor at The Johns Hopkins University. He has authored more than thirty-five technical publications on software reuse, data systems architecture, and other advanced computing topics. His projects have included NASA’s MODIS instrument definition and development of the Joint Polar Satellite System.

    Shahin holds a Ph.D. and MS in Computer Science, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from George Washington University.

  • Philip Ardanuy, PhD, Chief Science Officer

    Phil head frame

    Phil has 35 years of experience supporting weather and environmental satellite observations, scientific research, modeling, and decision support for NASA and NOAA.
    Before coming to INNOVIM, Phil retired as Principal Engineering Fellow and Weather Solution Architect from a distinguished career at Raytheon Intelligence, Information, and Services. He has written more than 100 peer-reviewed and conference publications, is an active member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) for which he has chaired and participated in conferences around the nation and around the world, and has participated in numerous National Research Council committees, including the first Earth Science and Applications from Space “Decadal Survey.” Phil is also a member of the NOAA Science Advisory Board’s Environmental Information Services Working Group, NASA’s Applied Sciences Advisory Committee, and the AMS Satellite Meteorology, Oceanography, and Climatology Committee, and served on the Maryland Space Business Roundtable as President as well as on its Board of Directors.

    Phil’s numerous awards and honors include multiple NASA GSFC and LaRC group achievement awards, a Raytheon Peer Award in 2004 for “dedication in the excellence in his work and unimagined expertise in algorithms, ground processing, mission understanding, and mission experience”, and recognition as an AMS Fellow in 2011.

    As Chief Science Officer, Phil participates in executive-level activities and provides leadership in new-business capture and networking activities to advance the company’s interests.

    Phil holds PhD, MS, and BS degrees in Meteorology from the Florida State University.

  • Samira Samadi, Managing Member

    Sammy head frameAs a founding partner and managing member of INNOVIM, Sammy has provided a backbone of business acumen to our growing enterprise based on her 20 years of sales and marketing expertise.

    Prior to founding INNOVIM, Sammy managed public relations, created marketing plans, and assessed market trends as Marketing Manager, Director, and Analyst at Pepco, BEC, and Claritas.

    Sammy holds a BA in Business from George Mason University and MBA with a focus in marketing from Johns Hopkins University.


INNOVIM’s History


INNOVIM launched in 2003 on the basis of the particular expertise of co-founder and President Shahin Samadi to meet the needs of NASA’s instrument requirements development. Since then we’ve grown by leaps and bounds.