INNOVIM Awarded NWS Hazard Simplification Task Order

INNOVIM is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a task order on the IDIQ OPSTECH contract to provide project planning and logistical support to the NOAA National Weather Service Analyze, Forecast and Support Office (AFSO) and their Hazard Simplification project.

For generations, the National Weather Service has used the terms “Watch”, “Warning”, and “Advisory” (WWA) to convey anticipated impact and level of forecast certainty associated with expected weather and water hazards. However, results of numerous NWS Service Assessments, social science research, and other interactions with partners and the public suggests that many people misunderstand or conflate these terms. In addition, there exists confusion among the 100+ products NWS uses to differentiate among the type, impact, and forecast certainty of weather hazards. In response, NWS has initiated a Hazards Simplification (or “Haz Simp”) study to assess whether there alternatives to WWA would  be more intuitive, more easily understood, and more easily communicated to users for the purpose of inspiring desired action  – such as moving to safety – by the public.

INNOVIM will begin providing AFSO with day to day support, outreach, education, and data verification as the office prepares for the Hazard Simplification Prototype Design Workshop, presenting options and alternatives based on analyses completed so far.